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“This is not a moment. It’s the movement.”

This isn’t a side gig we do to pass the time. This isn’t a passing fad. This isn’t fake science. This isn’t selling products to sell products. This isn’t selling products to your friends and family to make a buck. This isn’t a business where only one person is at the top. This isn’t a business where you need a special degree and have special unicorn-like qualities to succeed.

This month alone, we had over 1,402 people hit NEW ranks (and the month isn’t over yet)
Over 10% of our more than 44,000 family community is not just building a business, but are ranked Star or above.

We have:
- 2,650 Stars (this rank has an average monthly paycheck of $75 - that pays for gas or a babysitter hollllla!)
- 749 Senior Stars (this rank has an average monthly paycheck of $235 - that’s groceries or a car payment!!)
- 434 Executives (this rank has an average monthly paycheck of $502 - that’s a debt payment gone, dude.
- 159 Silvers (average monthly paycheck of $2,088 - now we are paying mortgages🙌🏻🙌🏻)
- 38 Golds (average monthly paycheck of $5,666- this is where massive life change starts happening. people quitting their outside of the home jobs) 
- 20 Platinums (average monthly paycheck of $13,872 - this is where spouses start retiring yassss)
- 4 Diamonds (average monthly paycheck of $35,348- this is where legacies are built 😭😭❤️❤️)
- 1 Crown Diamond (average monthly paycheck of $64,477- can you even?! what dreams could you fulfill?)
- 1 Royal Crown Diamond (average monthly paycheck of $144,551- 😭😭😭) (

What is this then? It’s a movement. 
It’s thousands of families just like your own, waking up, and saying “enough is a freaking enough.” People tired of being lied to by money hungry corporations who care more about their bottom line than the people they are supposed to serve. It starts with one person asking a question. Realizing we’ve been lied to over and over again. Realizing that the products that are supposed to be safe for us, aren’t. Realizing that the government agencies that are supposed to keep up safe, aren’t.

It’s families realizing they can get safe + clean products that actually work, and actually improve our health instead of harming it, delivered to their doorsteps, for not much more than they were paying before.

Products created and made by a big company with a heart. And that big company is doing a lot of big stuff around the world to help people. Uganda, Nepal, Cambodia, Ecuador, and right here on our own doorstep when needed - Young Living has a presence in so many corners of the world, and so much goodness has come from being the most trusted essential oils company for 25 years.

Products sold by a family just like their own, who loved them so much they just couldn’t keep it to themselves. Instead of paying advertisers and marketers millions - they pay other families. Families whose lives are changed, just from saying “yes” to a little bottle of oil or bottle of thieves cleaner. 


They can pay for a babysitter, or their gas, or their groceries, or their mortgages, or fund adoptions, or pay down debt, or buy a new house, or give to causes that make their hearts sing, or donate their time, or spend their days not living for nights and weekends, and instead having the time freedom to be together as a family, however that feels best to them.

These are people learning how to redefine a dream. Learning that dreaming big giant scary AF dreams is something they can do. And then having them become a reality, and going off to find new dreams because theirs just keep coming true.

Our team did well over $3,700,000 in sales in the month of November. Over 3.5 million dollars. In a month. 😳😳
We had over 4,239 new families join us, bringing the total to over 44,000 Modern Essential families.

That started from one “yes” from me - 4 years ago. One little starter kit of oils bought. One baby sleeping, one family’s health changed. One friend saying “I want that too.” - and the snowball starts. So thankful for my friend, Echo Summer Hill, for sharing with me how freakin cool oils were. One act of sharing leading to this massive movement that won’t stop. 
People are getting smarter. People care about their health. People are learning to ask questions. And I am so incredibly proud to be one of thousands who are here to help answer them, and teach other families to dig and research and be an advocate for themselves in their wellness.

Friends who have supported us and cheered us on over the years - I freaking love you. Thank you.

Friends who have their own businesses - any business - you are awesome. Hustle ONNNNNN. You are lighting up the world for so many.

Friends who have a dream tucked away in their heart - do it. Say yes. Even if you’re terrified. Say yes and do it. I will cheer you on so hard. You are so capable of changing the trajectory of your life and so many others lives.

Friends who are still wondering what these essential oils are, and what the deal is - just ask. I won’t stalk you, I won’t high pressure sales you (gross) - but I will answer your questions and walk you through it all. ❤️❤️

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