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crystals. what are they and what do you use them for? I can tell you right now I am not an expert in any means. but, I can tell you we keep them around the house, they are a huge part of our lives, we travel with them, the kids sleep with them, and they overall just make us feel good.

every night before bed, Grey picks out a crystal or two to sleep with. he does it on his own, I don’t prompt it. he knows something about them makes him want them nearby. 
when we were getting the mortgage for our new house we used the abundance grid from Crystal Muse. (with Abundance oil sprinkled allllll over it. next time we go to the land we will be bringing a whole bottle of abundance to pour❤️)
I keep them in my pockets and purse. I sleep with rose quartz under my pillow. 
They just make us feel good.

They are from the earth. They carry frequency and energy. I’ll take allllll the good vibes I can get 😂 
Here are some of the books I have that I really like and some of my fave crystal shops. ❤️

+++ BOOKS +++
Crystals: The Modern Guide to Crystal Healing

Crystal Muse

Crystal Bible

Crystals For Beginners

Elemental Energy


Whimsy + Wellness (rollers with crystals!)

Wild + Free People Crystals (online shop)

Holistic Apothecary (local crystal shop) 
15 N. Ridge Ave
Ambler, PA

Jax + Kelly (crystal points)

RoadKill Gems: Crystal + Roller Necklaces
- these are the originals, hard to get, but OH SO WORTH IT! all the copy cats out there just aren’t the same. Follow her IG to learn when drops are
- tip for drops: be signed into your Etsy account, use your CC card already loaded in your account (DON’T use payal!) and refresh like a psycho 2 mins before the drop happens. She is on Arizona Mt time, which is different than Mountain time. As soon as one loads, don’t think, just buy it!