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Here’s the only photo I have of me nursing Grey from our first few days together in the hospital. Why just one? Because it only lasted a few days.


I think most people assume that because I am so passionate about natural living, reducing the toxins in our home, know better do better, am a natural birth mama and am having a home birth with baby girl, that I am clearly someone who breastfeeds.

Most people (including my midwives 😜) are very confused when I say I give my babies formula. 
When I was pregnant with Grey, I assumed I’d nurse him. Being me, I needed to read all the books on it. Chris and I took breastfeeding classes. I knew all the benefits of it. I knew all. the. things. about it.

And then we had Grey. He was 4 weeks early and lazy AF when it came to eating. He couldn’t latch. Lots of other factors, including my breast reduction from 10 years ago. We got lactation consultants in the hospital to help us. And all I felt was anxiety and stress and a whole lot of NOT ENJOYING MY NEWBORN BABY.

I remember looking down at him trying to nurse and thinking “I would love you so much more right now if I had a bottle.” Harsh right? I was so anxious about feeding him I couldn’t even fully enjoy how much I loved him. Could I have kept going and pushed through and breastfed him? Sure. But I would have been miserable and anxious and falling into a dark space in my head. So I decided it was more important he have a sane and calm and happy mama than breast milk.

I was lucky enough to have a bestie (Alison Maguire😍) who was nursing her baby and had lots of milk to give, so Grey got some donated breast milk from her. And, I researched what formula was best, and we ordered a ton of formula from Europe for him. Why Europe? Because their standards are way (WAY WAY WAYYYYY) higher than the United States standards for feeding their people and their babies. The ingredients are worlds better and safer. And not that much more expensive when you break it down, which was helpful.

Here’s the deal, mamas. 
If you breast feed, you’re awesome and a super hero and you rock. 
If you formula feed, you’re awesome and super hero and you rock. 
Babies who have happy and healthy mamas who feed them are awesome and super heroes and rock.

Here’s some good info on why European formula is incredibly superior to the US

And here’s where I get it when you need to try an few to see what is best for your babe.

Here is for when you know what works and you need it in bulk and the cheapest price.

We are doing either Holle Goat Milk (even closer to breast milk) or the Dutch version of Hipp for baby girl. Yes it comes in another language. Yes you have Google. Super easy to figure out how to measure 😜 GTS. 👊🏻

Is breastmilk awesome? Yup. It’s magic.
But mamas who can’t or choose not to give their babies breastmilk, you have other choices and you are doing a great job.

Grey is healthy as can be. We worked hard to make sure that because he wasn’t getting breastmilk to
boost his immune system, we supported it other ways. Probiotics, natural stuff...from plants, ditched the toxic chemicals hiding in our homes (they disguise themselves as candles and air fresheners and cleaning products and chemical filled diapers and wipes and bedding and clothes filled with toxic
flame retardants, and personal care products with “fragrance” aka chemical shit-show listed...), no solids until 6 months (skip the cereal. Veggies first.) and good sleep habits.

You. Got. This. Mamas. And you’re doing a great job. ❤️