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So, I love to dress my kids each morning. I think about their outfits, and it’s a really fun part of my day. It’s just my thing 💁🏻‍♀️ 

When I had Grey, I was bummed at the selection of clothes for kids - too many bright colors, animals, and trucks on them. It’s just not my style! I love neutrals and dressing my kids like mini adults. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I started searching and found a whole new world of kids clothes I LOVED. 

Here is a list of some of my favorite shops for the kids, and what I buy there. First thing though - here is a few things you’ll notice  

  • Price - yeah, most of it isn’t cheap. But here’s the thing I’ve found. I can spend $5 on a shirt Old Navy and it’s destroyed after a few wears/washes. I can spend $25 at one of these shops and it’ll last for years and look good the whole time. Don’t get me wrong - I still buy stuff I like if I find it cheaper. But I have seen a huge difference in the quality and how long it lasts and how well it stays looking newish.

  • Which brings me to the second thing - I buy everything one size bigger so it lasts an extra season. The key to this is if the shirt is too big - the pants MUST fit. And vice versa. That keeps it looking intentional and cool, and not like your kids are wearing potato sacks.

  • Grey can wear clothes for EVER. It’s just the way he’s built. When a shirt started to get tight on his baby belly, he’d grow a few inches and suddenly it fit again. Same with pants. The kid has clothes he’s worn for 2+ years and counting.

  • Mila wasn’t the same as a baby. I blew through her clothes SO fast. She just grew differently and she didn’t wear half her stuff. Luckily pumpkin did;) But now - it’s evened out. She is 17 months old and tall. I buy her everything in 3T for the most part and it fits perfectly with room to grow as she loses her baby belly and lengthens out even more.

  • And lastly on that topic - I don’t have to justify what I spend on my kids clothes to anyone. We all have our “thing.” 😜

  • Neutral colors. Yeah, it’s all neutral. So it is always in style and will pretty much all go together. Call me a mean mom, but my kids wear what I buy them. They don’t get to pick. But, Grey now sometimes likes to dress himself - fine. It’s all neutral so it always looks pretty good whatever he chooses. And I’m happy too:)

  • Because it’s pretty neutral they share a lot of clothes. Mila wears grey’s stuff and I add a girly bow or headband. I add tights with a Biggie or skull onesie.

These two shops carry a lot of the brands listed below! Plus WAY more I didn’t list.  So start there!


MEBIE BABY // sleepers

QUINCY & MAE // sleepers

KATE QUINN ORGANICS // sleepers, onesies

SPEARMINT LOVE // bloomers, sleeper jammies, headbands, rompers

CHILDHOODS CLOTHING // sweatshirts, leggings

RYLEE & CRU // bubble rompers


CHEERILY // printed onesies 


JAMIE KAY // tights, leggings, bloomers, play suits, onesie jammies, sweaters, rompers

CHILDHOODS CLOTHING // rompers, T-shirt’s

PRAIRIE & PLAY // dresses (temporarily closed)

ROSE AND RAIL // linen dresses and rompers (follow her on IG for shop updates)

VAN NUS CO // the best headbands and turbans (follow her in IG for shop updates)

SPEARMINT LOVE // headbands, bows

DENIM & DOT // bows, clips

MARLOW & MAE // linen bloomers and tops

RYLEE & CRU // sweaters, tshirts


LITTLE URBAN APPAREL // sweaters, swim, t-shirts

WILD SUNSHINE THREADS // sweatshirt and tees (raise them wild, own your magic babe)

BRASSRAZOO KIDS // special occasion rompers and dresses (follow on IG for shop updates)

LOUISE MISHA // rompers and dresses for special events, also the Polonia Beguin is what she wears all winter instead of a hat. It’s a bonnet but furry and cute

HOUSE OF MIA // bloomers

CHEERILY // graphic t-shirt’s, custom t-shirts

ZARA // basics

H&M // basics


NUNUNU WORLD // harem shorts, harem pants, leggings

CHILDHOODS CLOTHING // sweatshirts, t-shirts, bloomer shorts, shorts, pants, rompers

MINI RODINI // leggings, t-shirt’s

RYLEE & CRU // shirts 

MILKBOTS // everything!

H&M // jeans


ZARA // coats, sweaters, jeans

LITTLE URBAN APPAREL // sweaters, swim, tshirts

WILD SUNSHINE THREADS // sweatshirt and tees


Childhoods Clothing Night Sets are our favorite ever. pricey? Yes. But they last FOREVER. we size up. Grey has some from two years ago.

And Grey MUST match with Mila at night (He is obsessed with matching with her, it’s so sweet.) so we can get same jammies in their sizes. Then Mila grows into his!


STARRY KNIGHT DESIGN // moccs, flats, super cute

FRESHLY PICKED // moccs, sandals, sneakers

NATIVES // waterproof, easy slip on shoes. Grey wears these daily.

SNEAKERS // all the kicks. This is Chris’ area - lots of Jordans :)

HUNTER BOOTS // rainboots, easy to slip on! We have these in multiple sizes, and they last forever. Both Grey and Mila wear them daily in the Spring and Fall.